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Our store might seem small from the outside, but we boast an impressive selection of specialty meat processing equipment. This allows us to make some of the most unique products around, from our very own hot dogs to the most flavorful marinated chicken breast you’ll find anywhere. We’re also happy to custom-cut just about anything you see in the fresh case. Need a 2″ thick ribeye? We got you. Need a specific thickness of stew meat? Not a problem. Our staff is here to make sure you have everything you need to make your meal perfect – so don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything we can do for you. Oh, and if you’re worried that your dog won’t stop begging while that Porterhouse is sizzling, we also offer beef femur bones and smoked dog treats to keep your canines entertained while you work your magic in the kitchen – or your backyard culinary workspace.


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Whether you’re looking for a fast and delicious meal or want to take your time, view our menu to check out some of our incredible signature sandwiches, sides, and breakfast items, or visit our daily specials.

Wild Game Processing Services

BB’s Market offers wild game processing services. Whether you want summer sausage, bulk sausage, brats, or snack sticks our team is equipped to take care of your processing. You won’t find a big-box grocery store willing to handle your wild game processing, well we do. So whatever your taste, we have options to process your meat to satisfy that inner carnivore.

*It is very important that your meat is CLEAN, containing no freezer burn, hair, dirt, blood shot, bone chunks, bullet fragments, or fat. If the product provided is found to have any of these contaminants, we will ask you to take the product back and process to remove impurities.


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BB’s Market is committed to high-quality gourmet products and excellent customer service. We offer fresh produce, custom cut, and cured meats, fresh baked goods, and delicious deli selections!

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