Wild Game Processing Fees

Snack Sticks (finished weight)


Bulk Sausage


Smoked Brats (finished weight)


Bulk Sausage

Mild Breakfast, Spicy Breakfast, Mild Italian, Hot Italian

Summer Sausage Flavors

Original, Peppered, Cheddar, Jalapeno & Cheddar

Snack Stick Flavors

Original, Bacon Cheddar, Bacon Jalapeno Cheddar

Smoked Sausage& Brat Flavors

Polish, Cheesy Polish, Jalapeno and Cheddar, Hawaiian Jalapeno and Cheddar

You will receive YOUR meat back. We add our inspected pork trim to each batch to achieve necessary fat content. We grind, season, and stuff each batch separately. Your meat will be tagged with your name throughout the entire process. While we often process different customers’ product on the same day during peak hunting season, we keep your product separate rather than blending batches together.


Provide 15 pounds of clean trim. Depending on the flavor you pick, this will yield a batch of approximately 25-35 pounds of finished product.  All summer sausage is ran into 1 lb. casings. Smoked sausage and snackers are packaged in 2 lb. increments. Different packaging increments available if needed for an additional cost depending on the request.

It is very important that your meat is CLEAN, containing no freezer burn, hair, dirt, blood shot, bone chunks, bullet fragments, or fat. If the product provided is found to have any of these contaminants, we will ask you to take the product back and process to remove impurities.

** We prefer that you do not bring your product in already ground as this can impact the final texture of the product. Some recipes require specific grinding procedures.

Venison Processing FAQ

No. We currently are not set up for full-service processing of whole animals. However, if you bring us clean, trimmed, deboned meat we can process it into value-added products like summer sausage, snack sticks, smoked sausage, and ground sausage.
No. Since wild game is not slaughtered at an inspected facility, we can only offer this type of processing as a service and return the product to the original customer, we cannot sell it as a retail product to other customers.

It is possible to order inspected venison that we could use to make retail venison products, however it comes from New Zealand and is fairly expensive. If you are interested in having us produce a batch for you, please contact us and we can give you a quote.

While some processors make large batches with multiple customers’ deer mixed together or only give back a portion of the final product so they can accumulate an inventory that they use to give customers a final product with a quick turnaround, we track your venison through the entire process and keep it separate. We might process multiple products at the same time, but if we are making three batches of venison Polish sausage, for example, we grind and mix batch 1, grind and mix batch 2, grind and mix batch 3, etc., so each is batch separate. Because we are giving back your product, you will receive your final product within 10-14 days.
Each batch of summer sausage, ground sausage, snackers, or smoked sausage requires 15 pounds of venison. We add 10 pounds of pork trim, seasoning, water, plus other ingredients depending on the flavor (cheese, jalapenos, etc.) The final yield depends on the recipe you choose, but it is typically 25+ lbs for each increment of 15 pounds that you provide. The price you pay is based on the final yield of your batch.
Typically not. If the base recipe is the same, we can sometimes split recipes between different flavors. For example, we could make half of your summer sausage batch jalapeno cheddar and half original, but we could not make half summer sausage and half smoked sausage.
If you have less than 15 lbs, we can use more pork to reach the 25 pound batch minimum. We will, however, charge for the additional pork based on the market price of pork since that is not factored into the processing price. We also have to use lean pork to make the fat ratio correct, which costs more than pork trim. Your final product will have less of a venison flavor if we do this.

​If you have more than 15 lbs, we can adjust the fat ratio of the pork trim to make up for the difference, however if you are more than a couple pounds over, this can result in a final product that is too lean.

No. If we process venison on any food contact surface, whether that be a table, scale, grinder, etc., we completely clean and disinfect that surface before processing retail items. We typically do venison once or twice per week during peak deer season, and produce all our retail items on different days.
No. Your product must be fully trimmed of fat and completely clean (no hair, soil, rocks, etc.) when you bring your product. If your product is found to not meet our standards, we will ask you to take your product back to clean before we process it.
No. If you froze your deer meat but want it processed, it needs to be thawed before you bring it to us so that we can visually inspect it before you leave. We need to be able to verify that it is clean, trimmed meat. We have accepted frozen product in the past only to find that it was freezer-burned beyond saving, and we prefer to find that out before you leave your product with us. Your final product will be as good as the quality of meat you bring us, but we are not willing to sacrifice your satisfaction or our reputation by accepting product that is below our standards.